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Central Europe: 16 Nations, 34 locations, and a world of amazing people!
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Youth With A Mission Central Europe is an international volunteer movement of Christians from many backgrounds, cultures, and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world. Also known as YWAM, our purpose is simply to know God and to make Him known. 




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  Recent YWAM Central Europe Stories

Have a look at all the amazing work that is taking place in our area.


Coffee with an Elder – Mike Oman

Coffee with an Elder – Mike Oman

YWAM Central Europe presents an original series entitled, Coffee with an Elder. You’re invited to join our hosts as they engage a specific CE Elder in an informative chat. So grab your cup of coffee (or tea) … and get ready ready to be inspired! We have...

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The Vision of the joined fishing nets

The Vision of the joined fishing nets

A couple of years ago God spoke to our YWAM community through the vision of a fishing net: a huge shoal of fish was heading in the direction of our YWAM Constanta fishing net. But because we were only a small fishing net, we were only able to catch a handful of fish....

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How could we increase our influence in conversations?

How could we increase our influence in conversations?

I want to look at some of the benefits of leading with this influence style. 7 + 1 Benefits Of Leading With A Self-Directed Influence Style It increases ownership when those you work with are asked for their ideas to solve problems and overcome challenges, rather than...

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 Upcoming Events

We have several great schools coming up! Attend a DTS at one of our many wonderful locations or a secondary school at one of our University of the Nations campuses. 


August DTS

October DTS

September DTS
Durres, Albania

Gallery of Heroes

We love God and people! Here are some of our wonderful staff and students in Central Europe. 


YWAM Bulgaria
YWAM Constanta KKI
Ten Principles in Ten Years