Fane – on the left – often joins us at the inTouch camps in Prod, Romania.  Seen here cooking at an outside pizza oven in 32c heat several years ago, he helps in many practical ways to keep the camp running smoothly – while also attending every teaching session.  At the end of that particular camp, he told us that it had been the best week of his life.  Others who have returned each year mentioned that they’d been looking forward to inTouch for many months.  Mariette Louw was the speaker during that camp and we have been blessed to welcome other YWAM teachers who are well-known in Central Europe.

The best week of his life

inTouch camps are run to bless those who were in YWAM but have been moved on by God into new areas of ministry. Current YWAMers, their families, friends and supporters are also very welcome.  
Our first inTouch in Romania took place ten years ago this summer where the speaker was Dean Sherman. We’re delighted that his son, Troy, is coming to speak this year. He’s coming with his wife Alisa, who is Al and Carolyn Akimoff’s daughter, and their three kids. Running from Thursday 20th July until Sunday 23rd, the theme will be Don’t just survive, but Thrive!

inTouch is also running in Sweden this July (also with Troy speaking) and during August in Switzerland with Stefaan Hugo. Join us if you can for a time of relaxation, refreshment and good company!  Questions? Email us here