Youth With A Mission Romania considers itself a large family of missionaries from many different nations and backgrounds, serving through various different expressions all over the country.  We are singles, couples, and families; some younger and just getting started, while others are seasoned leaders, spurring on the generation behind them, and many of us are somewhere in between.  You can find us using our gifts for the glory of God at nine different ministry locations from the Black Sea coast of Romania in the East to beautiful hills of Transylvania in the West.  Our doors and hearts are open for those with a desire to serve the people of this wonderful nation. Come and join us!


To find out more about each ministry location and how you can get involved, go to the different links below. 

YWAM Romania


Located in the hills of Cluj-Napoca, YWAM has a wonderful ministry with the prayer and prophetic.  Their beautiful property is not only the YWAM center but also houses a new church plant. To learn more about YWAM Cluj and their ministry visit their website. http://www.ywamcluj.ro

YWAM Constanta

YWAM Constanta is located on the Black Sea coast with their ministry center just minutes from the beach. The YWAM community has a wide range of ministries from outreach to children and youth to students and the deaf community.  Find out more at their website. https://ywamconstanta.ro

YWAM Craiova

YWAM Craiova is a lively community of people serving in the 6th largest city of Romania.  They make their impact through ministering to the children and youth of the city. Check out their website. https://tpmcraiova.ro


YWAM Iasi is located in the northeastern corner of the country and is close to the border of the Republic of Moldova. Being in a large university city, YWAM Iasi focuses their efforts on discipling students. They also host an educational center for European studies called the Shuman Center. For more information see their website.  www.Iasi.ywam.ro

YWAM Medias

In the hills of Transylvania we find YWAM Medias, a vibrant community with local ministries and a passion for sending Romanian missionaries all over the world.  See their website here. http://www.tpmmedias.ro

YWAM Restore

Just a short distance from Medias we find our Restore team working as a decentralized team in the villages of Transylvian. Afterschool programs, teaching children and youth, and running camps in the country village of Prod, this team is truly reaching out in the rural areas of Transylvania.  http://restoreministry.ro

YWAM Targu Mures

Located in the center of the city, the opportunities for outreach are right on their doorstep. The city is a unique and beautiful place where Romanian and Hungarian cultures meet. YWAM has a great and growing team of people serving here.  See more on their website.  https://ywamtargumures.com/


A wonderful team based in Cluj, they are running everything from leadership seminars and schools, to building houses for poor families.  See their website for more info.  http://www.elsm.ro

YWAM Family Ministry

YWAM Family Ministry is a national work of YWAM Romania, investing in both YWAM families and the local Church. They make an impact through teaching on God’s design for the family, weekend retreats and big family camps in the summer. Have a look and you may want to take your own family on a camp! http://www.lucrareacufamilii.ro/

From Romania to the Nations

We are excited to be able to serve beyond Romania, in our surrounding nations and throughout the globe, through these amazing ministries

A Brief History of YWAM Romania

YWAM sent teams to Romania back in the days where communism was ruling and the nation was in the strong hand of its dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu. Communism fell in December of 1989 and soon after YWAM sent its first long-term team into the nation. The spiritual hunger was great and it wasn’t long before the first YWAM center was established and more missionaries came in. They ran discipleship training schools and started all kinds of ministries from outreaches to street children to running homes for unwed mothers. Over the years more and more centers were pioneered and many Romanian young people were discipled and released to lead and pioneer more ministries. Together with missionaries from other nations, they continue to serve the Body of Christ and minister to the lost in their different communities across the country and around the globe.

To learn more about the country of Romania and how you can pray for its people, check out Operation World’s prayer guide

Fast facts about Romania

  • Languages: Romanian
  • Capital: Bucharest
  • Population: 20,121,641
  • Drive on the: Right
  • Currency: Romanian Leu (RON)