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Member Care Circle

The Member Care Circle is an Area Circle that, first of all, loves to see all our locations having good Member Care for our staff and leaders. We provide Member Care for the whole area overall, and love to help and supplement local teams. We also do debriefing and member care on a more general level for care that isn’t able to happen on local level. Our goal is to see YWAMers flourish, grow, and succeed in their lives, relationships, and ministries by providing preventive aspects of Member Care such as, coaching as well as reactive aspects like, counseling or crisis intervention. 



YWAM Central Europe locations

We have created a network of qualified people and training possibilities for YWAMers in our region who have a heart for Member Care.

We offer:

  • A confidential and safe context to share and process with somebody
  • Formal training: Missionary Care Foundations Course (MCFC) (Facebook: MCFC Member Care Europe)
  • Informal training: E.g. how to debrief well, coaching, self- leadership, dealing with stress, etc.
  • Coaching, counseling, and prayer
  • Help in transitions and debriefing (for individuals and teams)
  • Retreat for leaders
  • Team visits (for encouragement, input, processing, prayer, mediation in conflicts, etc.)
  • Advice concerning missionary children
  • Helpful resources (web links, books, etc.)
  • Rapid support in acute emergency and crisis situations (accidents, imprisonment, death, etc.)
  • Referral to Christian professional help

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you. No issue or situation is too small or insignificant. You matter to us! 


Meet the people who make up our Member Care circle 

YWAM Central Europe 

The Member Care Circle Would Love to Hear from You! 

We love hearing from you! As an area, we have more then 35 locations in 16 nations. We would love to help you connect with the different Member Care staff, or if you are interested in more information about becoming part of our Member Care staff. We are open to partnering with others, and we love pioneering and new vision. 



YWAM Central Europe

Contact Us


Member Care Circle: membercare@ywamce.com  

For general questions, please send an email to inquiry@ywamce.com.


To make contact with a specific location, go to the “Countries” tab at the top of the page and choose which nation you would like to make contact with.  For the website, our communication team, and other circles, have a look at their pages under the “CE Circles” tab and you will find information there.