Youth With A Mission had a community located in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo. With 37% of the population living below the poverty line, Kosovo remained one of the poorest countries in Europe. Approximately 95% of the population were said to be Muslim; however, most of them did not live out their religion.

As YWAM, we longed to serve the community, reflecting the love of God into every sphere of society. We wanted to see the people of Kosovo get to know God, be transformed, and brought into a new life with Jesus, full of hope and a God-given purpose.

YWAM Kosovo was open to anyone who was willing to invest in the kingdom of God, to join us using their own gifts, ideas, and creativity. We believed that God would mobilize and send many more people to serve in this place that was ready for Him. Kosovo was an amazing country, and there were many possibilities for individuals to get involved in serving there. We were looking forward to hearing from you!


Currently, we don’t have a team in Kosovo, but we are eager to see a new team established. If you feel led to Kosovo, please contact us at ce.converner@ywamce.com.

A Brief History of YWAM Kosovo

YWAM’s story in Kosovo started right after the war in 1999. An American couple pioneered the base together with other international staff, leading an Internet café, operating English classes and Bible studies, doing hospital and orphanage visitations and working together with churches and organizations in Kosovo. 

In cooperation with other bases, YWAM Kosova sent several Kosovar students abroad to do their DTS of whom some came back and started doing ministry in their country. Throughout the years YWAM Kosova hosted many YWAM and church outreach teams working together with local churches and organizations to do kids ministries, evangelism and prayer nights. 

We have seen God open many doors to enable us to reach people in Kosovo, meeting many people who are in search of the God who offers real life and hope. 


To learn more about the country of Kosovo and how you can pray for its people, check out Operation World’s prayer guide

Fast facts about Kosovo