Circles of Relationship

Youth With A Mission Central Europe
"Taste of Central Europe"

Youth With A Mission is a relationship-based mission. We value relationships and operate in teams and communities in our local areas within the region. We have created Circles of Relationship to provide for the work needed as an area.

CE Area Circles

The Area Circle Team (ACT) has created several Backbone Circles to make sure that our staff is cared for in the best way,
to ensure good communication in our area, and to host good and strong DTSes in our Central European
We also have some Popup Circles for different events and happenings throughout the area. These will
include CE conferences and task groups for different events.

Common Grown Circles

Youth With A Mission Central Europe loves to see initiatives happening and loves to see different Common Grown circles flow from people with a passion for different ministries. We, therefore, love to see different circles
taking place such as, prayer circles, different school and seminar circles, and interest circles like, working within the Muslim, Orthodox, or Catholic cultures, cafe ministry, or language learning, just as a few examples.



Our Foundational Values

1. Know God
2. Make God known
3. Hear God’s voice
4. Practice worship and intercessory prayer
5. Be visionary
6. Champion young people
7. Be decentralized
8. Be international and interdenominational
9. Have a biblical Christian worldview
10. Function in teams
11. Exhibit servant leadership
12. Do first, then teach
13. Be relationship-oriented
14. Value the individual
15. Value families
16. Practice dependence on God
17. Practice hospitality
18. Communicate with integrity




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