This year the main theme was “My Timing” and God was emphasizing His timing in many areas: to be known for who He is, to worship Him, and to surrender all our ideas of how He looks and how He should operate in our lives.

my timing

We had four main sessions:

1- “At the Altar,” which consisted of identifying and surrendering the idols we create in our life because of our limited knowledge and understanding of God. The young people responded by practically nailing at the cross their idols written on pieces of paper and receiving prayer for breakthrough. 

2- “As an Eagle” explained our identity in Christ, as well as the identity God has given to our nation. We explored how the physical events have been mirroring the spiritual realm. 

 3- “From Mourning into Dancing” explored the transformation that comes as we welcome God into every area of our life and how He changes for good whatever they enemy intends for evil. We experienced such a thick presence of God as His Spirit moved during the worship time– bringing conviction, revelations, prophecies, and even physical signs.  

4- “My timing” where we looked at how God’s timing and our timing meet together to create the momentum needed to bring forth transformation in our nation, and how we recognize and respond to His timing. 

In addition to the main sessions, we ran 4 workshops to equip the young people. We saw and enjoyed God’s touch in their lives and their response to God’s message. 

During all these years, we have seen how God has been strategically and prophetically building the young generation of our nation for a time like this, where the Spirit of God is moving to bring the nation into a spiritual rebirth.  

YWAM Albania