YWAM SLOVAKIA is called to not only disciple individuals, but also communities, cities and nations. We have several well-established ministries, yet we are constantly looking for the new thing that God is wanting us to get involved in. Because of the unique composition of our team, made up of Protestants, Catholics and Messianic Jews, we have been able to build relationships with all major churches and groups in the nation — helping them to see that building His kingdom goes far beyond our church walls.

The result is that we are working in all seven “mind-molders” — Arts, Business, Church, Education, Family, Government and Media. We are working locally, regionally, and nationally — truly bringing change to the whole nation. Serving with us is not for the faint-hearted, so if that’s you and you truly want to make a difference, why not join us?!   



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YWAM Slovakia

A Brief History of YWAM Slovakia

In 1989 with the fall of the iron curtain, Czechoslovakia became one federal state again. On 1 January 1993 it became an independent republic as it peacefully separated from the Czech republic. This transition however was far from easy and riddled with corruption that is still prevalent till today.
Even though the system of communism is officially gone, the mind set and structures in society still reflect the old ways of doing things. In 2004 Slovakia became part of the EU. However many over the years have become disillusioned with this system as well. But there is hope, instead of leaving the country, a new young generation is rising up looking for kingdom ways to bring change to the nation. It’s a growing movement not only in numbers but also in influence.
The word ‘Slovak’ means ‘people of the Word’. This is a great foundation to build on, not only now but also into the future.

To learn more about the country of Slovakia and how you can pray for its people, check out Operation World’s prayer guide

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