Our vision is to be a Gospel witness in the heart of Budapest and to carry the message of God’s love to the nations.  Our passion is to share the hope of Jesus, train and equip young believers, and serve the poor and needy while collaborating with local churches and ministries. 


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YWAM Budapest

We work to fulfil our vision by a number of various ministries and activities.  We love hosting teams, volunteers and students in our training center, King’s Gate.  Our street outreach is a way to share the Gospel openly to those whom God is calling.  Our coffee house provides a space where we can build community, engage with others, create art, and facilitate many kinds of events. We are committed to serving and providing for those on the fringes of society who need to hear that they are loved.  Our Discipleship Training School (DTS) is one way we are able to teach, equip, and send out into the harvest.  We are trusting the Lord for everything and motivated through faith that God is our strength and through Him we can do all things.



A Brief History of YWAM hungary

 While suffering under communism for 40 years Hungarians were taught, “There is no God.” That was a lie. Today a new generation of young believers are emerging who are thirsty for the truth and seeking to know the God who gives LIFE. They are finding freedom and discovering their identity through faith in Jesus.

Hungary is a nation marked by heroism and bravery as well as suffering and setback. The essence of Hungary’s rich culture can be found in the treasure of the Hungarian people themselves.  They are precious in the Lord’s sight, yet struggle to know their true value.  What past regimes stripped away, God is healing and re-building.  The Church is growing and moving out in new ways.  Hungarians are becoming passionate about reaching their cities, their nation, and the unreached places beyond.


 YWAM Hungary was established in 1993 with the vision to reach the lost, make disciples, equip leaders, and send out workers to the harvest.  We are thrilled to witness God’s plan in action and honored to play a small role in what He is doing.  These are exciting times we live in.  We stand ready to participate as the dramatic events of our day unfold!



To learn more about the country of Hungary and how you can pray for its people, check out Operation World’s prayer guide

Fast facts about Hungary


Languages: Hungarian
Capital: Budapest
Population: 9,942,000
Drive on the: Right
Currency: Forint