The year 2020, to put it lightly, was “weird” for all of us. COVID restrictions were tight and we as YWAM Vlore did not see either DTS teams coming or family and friends visiting. One thing we could do and no one could prevent us from doing, is to pray for our city while having prayer walks and preparing ourselves for what was coming next.

At the very beginning of 2021, we saw the number of COVID cases dropping and many restrictions were lifted. Albania became one of the most open countries in Europe to travel to with almost no restrictions. It may be one of the reasons why in 6 months of this year we received six different teams from all over the world: Brazil, the UK, the USA, and even a team from Hawaii! Another reason is that our Lord meant it to happen!

As YWAM Vlore, from the very beginning of the year, we felt God told us that it was a year to serve existing churches and ministries, to bring unity to the local body of Christ and to constantly intercede for our city, region and nation of Albania.

We were so blessed to have so many teams on fire for Jesus, ready to serve others, sharing His love with people around them.

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When we come before the Lord in a humble posture, asking for His will to be done through us, He works in mighty ways and opens up doors we could never think of.

One of the local school directors was touched by us offering her help to bring more beauty to a place that rarely sees any investments and often time is forgotten. Our wonderful DTS teams managed to bring more beauty into the school by painting walls and making creative wall-paintings. One of the girls was dreaming about using her art skills while on the outreach, her dream came true, she was the one who came up with the idea and orchestrated a beautiful mural in one of the local churches, and of course many people chipped in to see her idea come to life.

Through a constant and consistent time of intercession for Albania and looking for God’s heart for Vlore, we, as YWAM Vlore were encouraged by so many people and had a word to persevere in a good work of Christ as “a storage dam is about to burst through and Lord will have His way”, we are clinging to these words and trusting Lord will bring about great things to our city, region and nation of Albania, as we stand strong and persevere!  The pioneering process is often messy and the road to achieve goals is bumpy, but we always look back to Jesus, as He is the one who called us and who is faithful to get us through.

Ministry with kids and teens is always abundant, we just need to make ourselves available for it. Oftenwe had a big team splitting between 3 different locations doing kids ministry, the only thing you may need is space and it does not matter whether it is a forest or a beach. We believe that this new generation will be the one that will bring change to their homeland for the better,  and by loving God they will grow to love their homeland.

We had different trainees on DTS teams testifying about the Lord’s healing and miracles, oftentimes we just need to step out in faith when we know that the Lord is speaking to us, He will do His part. One of the DTS students while on the outreach to Vlore could see God operating a miracle of instant healing through him. When different people were healed in a matter of minutes, some of those who were healed suggested he start his own clinic. He didn’t take the credit, but instead gave glory to God knowing He had healed those people. That day many people heard Good News and could experience the power and love of God for themselves!

As we continue, we make mistakes and then try to learn from them. We trust, hope and obey, because we know that the One who has called us is able and faithful to bring things to its completion. We don’t want to do things in our own strength, but rather partnering with Jesus in everything He is already doing in us and through us in the region of Vlore and in the nation of Albania!

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