In 1985 when I was 11, I had a dream about playground where kids were playing, smiling and getting to know Jesus. I remembered the dream again in 1999 when together with our friends we went to try to find the place. We found the playground and every Saturday there was around 150 kids. God still have good things to come as far as the dream. in 2006 we opened the first new playground for the single mother house in Ruda Slaska which opened the door to the neighborhood and welcome people and kids to come and engage with single mothers. The playground still works today and we renovated it this summer during the After Euro outreach.

Cutting the tape

Also as part of the After Euro outreach, we wanted to give the community where our club is located a new Playground which would be the King’s Kids gift to a historical district which used to be a border where in the past two cultures – German and Polish – clashed. We discovered to our surprise that after we heed been praying as Kings Kids for this particular district for many years, that it will be renovated and revitalized and by the grace of God we became part of it spiritually.

On the 12th of October in the presence of officials and the Mayor of the town of Ruda Slaska, we opened the new playground and in my speech I was able to say that God is the one who did it. This is the second playground built thanks to our friends from Switzerland who raised the finances and caught the vision to bless the people of Ruda Slaska!



Not only did this project open a lot of new doors but it also showed many people through media and newspapers that we love God and He loves them. We also participated in this project as family and all of us were able to participate in this big day to show that this our vision  is to bless the others and make families stronger.

And once again, my dream of the playground where kids could run around and play in safety and get to know Jesus has been realised…

After after

-Greg Skrobarczyk with Belinda Chaplin