A strong smell coming from the workshop helped me to remember the time when my dad use to make shoes to provide for the family. I liked to go and to play with the material he used to work with. Today I am together with some ladies working in a workshop for their families. One young girl is telling me how she wants to learn to work with the sewing machine. Why? To follow the calling God has for her: to share the Gospel till the end of the earth.

      “I came at the mission center two years ago to prepare to go to East Asia. I want that people there will also meet Jesus. He deserves that! He deserves that I will know Him and to do all I can for them to know Him. Today I am in this workshop because I started the process to move there. I will work here for a few days to develop the abilities in this area. I want to use this to connect with the people there. I will work with a group making souvenirs. We also want to involve young girls from isolated communities. We will teach them how to make these crafts, then we can tell them about Jesus and how to live life in the relationship with Him. I want to be a good example for them. Now I work here to learn how to use the sewing machine and to make shoes, bags and other things. It is a new area for me, a place where I came for the first time. It was hard in the beginning but I started to like it. In the morning I felt a strong smell but then I focused on the work and it didn’t bother me anymore. I have to pay attention to my hands working with the sewing machine. I looked at the lady working next to me and I started to do some things like her without even asking. I learnt quickly and I am glad I can do many things in such a short time.” (Estera B)

We started the year having this kind of initiative in YWAM Mediaș: to find the practical things  we can do, to reach the lost people and to share the Gospel with them. We  have a calling from God to go into the world and we want for them to take God’s principles and to make a new way in their lives together with Him.

-Elisa Cozmîncă for YWAM Mediaș