This summer in  YWAM Mediaș, Romania, we had many events in which hundreds of young people have experienced mission for the first time and the life of many of them was changed because of the amazing experiences they had with God.

During the summer, at the base we had 6 teams from different countries America, Scotland, Switzerland, Germany who served passionately in all the ministries and were a huge blessing for us. During the ProMission Festival in August, teams were sent with the message of the gospel to six locations: Oltenia, Moldova, Serbia, Uganda, Kenya and India.

The teams that came to Romania and also our mission teams who went to different locations around the world, returned home with lots of testimonies of what God has done in their lives. Some saw the power of God, others have learned more about His love for the lost, others grew in the gift of serving and some heard God speaking to them clearly about His calling for their lives. Many of them had their eyes opened to a different world than the one they were familiar with, daring to come out of their comfort zone and remain deeply touched in their hearts by the world that exists beyond their known boundaries.

Throughout the summer, we also ran the connected.RO course on evangelism and apologetics, where we focused on Mediaș and the surrounding villages. The purpose was to re-passion ourselves and other young people to evangelize those around us and learn how to answer questions that Romanian society has about God.

It definitely was a summer to remember!

– YWAM Mediaș, Romania