Dear fellow YWAMers in Central Europe,

As we are planning and preparing for DRIVE 2013, its time to sign up.

 Destiny – Refreshment – Innovation – Vision – Equipping

We are heading in for a new time of growth in our region, and this seminar is an opportunity to get great training and to come together to see the future being shaped.

We will have great speakers with us, like Stephe Mayers, Loren Cunningham, Lynn Green (both on the Genesis system) Carmelita Clark, Wolfgang Jani and Rita Pretorius.

We hope you will take time to pray about being part of this two weeks of great input, refreshment and people that wants to stand with you in your pioneering situation.

-Rune and Irene Saether

Baseleaders, Youth With a Mission Constanta

Dates : 17th- 30th of March 2013

Where :  Constanta, Romania

For who : everyone, but especially you in Central Europe.

E-mail us for more information : or