It all started with one homeless man, Franciszek, which I met at the shopping center Lidl. He collected the shopping carts to get some money. After a while I realized God has put that man into my path. We talked, I visited him at the shelter where he lived, I got to know the director, the psychologist and other staff. I met an amazing openness to serve there.
A year ago, we did our first outreach with Kings Kids and our local church in this shelter. We had families, kids, teenagers with us, a great mix of people. We were totally free to share the gospel with these men. Some of them gave their lives to Jesus. From this time on Franciszek regularly comes to our church, to all the other meetings and he also came to our Kings Kids family camp last summer. Last Sunday I saw him reaching out his hands and praying for healing for a sick man. God is wonderful.
Now to the Christmas event. We (my husband, me and our pastor) attended a year ago, their Christmas “wigilia” (in polish Christmas eve celebration). It was so empty, dull with no life. So, we prayed and asked if we could organize it this year and so we did. God blessed this evening in an amazing way. We had over 100 homeless man there, 40 people from our church who served them a meal and a senior gospel choir who sang with them carols.

Franciszek was in it all so happy and excited. Many of the man were deeply touched by the Love of Jesus, many cried.  We had families with kids there and the children went afterwards to the rooms of the very sick men. These men could not come, they have no legs, are blind etc. We went from bed to bed and gave these men presents.

Our thoughts and prayers for the future is to create a gospel choir with these men. They love to sing and move around. But again, it all started with one man and an obedient step to reach out to him.
By Helen Hess
YWAM Poland