My Western European Leadership Gathering (WELG) story

By Ana Maria Fumey

After travelling a long way by car from Romania to France with a stop for rest at our family in Switzerland, we landed in the middle of Lyon, surrounded by lots and lots of YWAM-ers that I have never met in my life.

The expectancy of something awesome and exciting was building in my heart as I started to observe different nations, colors and languages. It just felt right to be in the middle of the 249 participants. From the beginning it was this anticipation of being something special. And it was!

The beautiful venue – The Grand Temple

Every meeting was started with worship and for me every time was like a place where the Father found pleasure to show up and speak to me. These times were so intense and the “food” was so good that after a few hours I would say, “Lord if the conference will end here and now, there will be enough things for me to meditate on…”

I sat down with great leaders and the grandparents of this big movement we call YWAM. While talking to them it was so nice to observe the same things that I saw when I first joined YWAM. Humble leaders with great value and with a lot of wisdom. I loved being around them and hope some of that wisdom rubbed off on me also.

The WELG was a great opportunity to see what God is doing in Western Europe and what resources are in the body of Christ. These kinds of conferences enlarge our visions for our regions and motivates, encourages us to go on knowing that we are not alone in our own little team or base!

One moment of significance was when Western Europe prayed for Central Europe. During that I just felt how God is raising Central Europe up and how we are becoming part of a bigger picture and how we are part of that second wave that our leaders are talking about.

Great Word

Lynn Green spoke about  being the ones to see the next wave of YWAM missionaries taking the continents. He reminded us of the covenant that God made with Loren Cunningham and as we are all part of that we will see it  being fulfilled. A covenant demands PERSISTENCE and if we OBEY the PROMISE that God made to Loren we will walk in the same COVENANT. Lynn said, that we should get ready for an increase of 10 times more than 5 years ago. He also said that we have an anointing and we have a wave, but the condition to see revival and to catch this next wave is to: stay available to God, to hear His voice, to confess our sins to one another and to realign with holiness. The next wave will not be bigger than our brokenness. Brokenness is letting God go into all our deep areas and tell Jesus, it’s all yours. Surrender is not a test but a total abandonment in His will.

Lynn with his French translator

One last thing…

One morning we were asked and challenged to answer to a simple question: “How is our thirst for God? How is it if one day we do not spent time with God? How is it after 3 days, one month without time with God?”

A lot of times we can not tell how thirsty we are and we believe we are ok, but after a while we feel as we need more rest, more breaks from the ministry. To be able to overcome this need, we need to pray deep, to have healthy relationships and to let people be around us and help us.

“On the last and greatest day of the festival, Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” (John 7:3738)

I am ending by listing a few question for us to ponder upon:
How is our thirst? 
How broken are we?
Is surrender part of our daily walk with God?

May God bless you as you ponder on these things…

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