If you are a YWAM location looking to attract teams to come and help out, there are quite a few ways to do that… Ideas include partnering with a bigger YWAM base (especially in Western Europe which is focusing on YWAM Central Europe at the moment), keeping your YWAM.org details up-to-date* and another is to network, network, network!

And here are two more ideas to help with your networking: contact them to get them to put you on their opportunities list and who knows what will happen! Click on the below links…

The Student Mobilization Centre

Mission Builders

Check out Mission Builders’ promo video for more information on them.

* Simply go to https://update.ywam.org. For the login, use your location’s primary email address. The default password is your location’s Go Code. You’ll find this code in the top-right corner of your location’s listing in the Go Manual. You would type in the code in all capital letters, with dashes, like this: USA-CA-ABCD. If this Go Code doesn’t work, your password might have been changed by someone at your location. Just click on the “forgot password?” link and the correct password will be sent to your location’s primary email address.