March 2021. Questions. Prayers. Do I still want to throw myself into the void? Do I want to risk once again a quarantine, a disease in DTS? Am I ready to take responsibility for more than thirty people exposed to the virus? How far am I ready to go in faith? These were the questions pressed on my heart in processing the new school in September.
God said, “YES” again. “You are not alone!”. And again He invited us to walk with Him on the waters. And then we said, “YES! Anytime, anyway and again.”
And we’ve had so much grace.

DTS in Romania – 5 Schools in 2021

During 2021, YWAM Romania had 5 Discipleship Training Schools. This is incredible! This means a number of Romanians and internationals who obeyed God and expanded God’s kingdom in Romania.

Medias DTS

We in Medias, from the beginning, were challenged to become Giant Killers— not people who take things as they come and ignore the Lord’s challenges. I didn’t know what that meant at first, but it’s not hard to guess in the context we are in.
We started off with nine brave students, hungry after Him. After a few weeks, someone else came along. We took on the challenge of reading and studying the Bible for the first three months. We want to be equipped to live a life led by the Holy Spirit and that empowers us to carry on the legacy we received.
Without anticipating it, God has given us the grace to facilitate meetings with young people where we have had the chance to confess His faithfulness in our lives. This seems to have been one of the places where God called us to walk in faith and wisdom, to create these contexts where we could encourage and empower young people desiring to know God more.
And we continue to do that, with God’s help, in the next period of time. For the outreach phase we have several goals:
  • Reach as many young people as possible and to equip them for missions 
  • Demonstrate and carry the true message of Christmas to as many families as possible
  • Reach the Muslim refugees from Romania and from France with the love of Christ
We do not know what the next years will bring, but we know for sure that God remains faithful and continues to call us to work with Him to expand His kingdom, and that will bring Him glory!
Through this school I got to know myself better. I received healing for the relational wounds that I have with people and also in my relationship with God. I have corrected many misconceptions about who God is and exceeded my limits in what mission means.” Denisa Paul
“In DTS I feel equipped, encouraged and challenged to give glory to God and to have His share in the expansion of the Kingdom.” Cristian Idor
A new Gabi, a new creation. For me DTS is like daily living in Peniel: the face of God. Daily renewal, restoration and regeneration. A process full of hope for the future.” Gabriel Grosu
Thank you!
Mihaela Kühnert