In May at our annual Central European Leadership Gathering, we were challenged to intercede for our nations more and to pray together with others from the region. In Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina,  as there are only a few people in each location, we decided to pray together. And Skype premium allows us to do that! Just one person in the group has to have it, and then we can have a skype call with up to 10 people (although they recommend up to 5). We had a great time together today and we were joined by Lisa Whitaker (who is currently in the US) and it was great having her with us. Here we are looking pretty:

There are sometimes a few hitches, but mostly we are able to have a great prayer time together! We have met monthly since May and if teams are with us from elsewhere they have prayed with us, which has been a great experience for them as well. It is so amazing how we can use this technology to pray together and be encouraged, and then go out and do even more in our various locations… The possibilities for unified prayer across the region are amazing and I would encourage everyone to reach out to other locations and pray together!!

-Belinda Chaplin
YWAM Bosnia Herzegovina