The meeting for leaders in Greece was unique.  Despite an incident in Athens before the conference where some people broke into our car and stole our luggage, I enjoyed very much meeting again friends and making new friends.  

I went tired, but with expectations. My expectations were to be refreshed from what the Lord have to speak personally. And I was motivated from discussions with people and learning new things.  
 It was more than I was expected !!!  

The place where we had the meetings was the best place for this gathering . We enjoyed the extraordinary view and we had fun kayaking. In addition, the celebration was very good and refreshed me.  

One of the things that most encouraged me and motivated me was that I was reminded about the importance of asking questions and evaluating my personal life and as a base. An important question was: “where are we and what’s blocking us?”. I felt that this question was for me personally, but also for my team and also for the DTS, because it’s a struggle to have students. Also a good reminder to me was to evaluate each event that I’m involved in our base.        

The questions and discussion process of choosing team leaders was an example for me for the future. It was a time that helped me to understand better the management structure in CELT. I felt included in discussions, even though I was for the first time in this kind of meeting. I appreciate it.   

A big encouragement for us as a team was the offering for our future building. It was the first amount of money and the first step in fundraising for the building. Thank you again for everyone who offered and was part with us in this process.
Thank you again for organizing everything for us there. It was a blessing to be there and to hang out in Greece.   

-Lilia, YWAM Moldova

I was surprised, honored and delighted to be sent to CELG by my base leader as I had been staff only for a year. It was a great time for me to get to know the people ministering in our area and also to learn more about the vision and structure of YWAM. 

Hearing about the Omega Zones had really inspired me to initiate more intentional countryside visits and outreaches from our Budapest base, and we had already started doing it! 🙂

It was the first time for me to hear about the leadership circles and that delighted me a lot too. I had passed the word to the whole staff team and we are working on the transformation of leadership now, to adjust to the great Biblical YWAM vision.

Thank you for receiving me and helping me to participate in CELG! It was a privilege to be with you all!

-Jacinta, YWAM Hungary