tomatoes are fruit

Several years ago I learned about Romanian missionaries, and how YWAM Romania was sending them out to India and other nations where many have not heard the Good News. I was impressed!

So as we were looking at setting up a European Frontier Missions (FM) conference, we decided, “why not hold it in Romania and celebrate the calling that God clearly has on them?” We then realised that others in Europe were feeling that God was saying to take more events to Central Europe.

After many months of planning we held the consultation 16-19 April, in Targu Mures, Romania. It would be called “Tomatoes Are Fruit”, as so often the things that produce fruit among the unreached, and even the “fruit” itself, does not look like what we expected… in the same way that we are surprised to learn that tomatoes are fruit!

We looked at such topics as:

  • What “pathways” take a person from getting the call to getting to the field?
  • What enables a European missionary to stay on the field?
  • What is producing fruit among migrants to Europe?
  • What can we as a group do to build the FM work in and from Europe?

In answer to the last question, we agreed to build an FM Europe network of about 15 people.

We had 126 names on our mailing list for TomatoesRFruit. If you are European or working in Europe and did not receive those announcements, but would like to hear about future events, write to

And check out our Facebook page: YWAM Frontier Missions Europe

Becky for the Europe FM Leader Team