This is a special edition Easter blog. You can use it to have some fun Easter activities (and if you want with your children😁) over Easter – either in April or for the Orthodox one that happens in May. I hope you (and/or your kids!) enjoy this as much as I did putting it together!


When we look at the story of Easter in Matthew, there are a few scenes that stand out… Here are 6 of them for you to enjoy: 

The first scene happens on Palm Sunday where Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. What a strange way to enter if you are a King?! But He did it deliberately. If He came into the city on a horse, it would have been a sign He was coming to overthrow the Roman Government. Coming on a donkey showed that He came in peace. 

What did the people shout out? What does it mean? 
A: They shouted out “Hosana”. It literally means “Save us”! Jesus is our King and Saviour!
What did the crowd put on the ground in front of Jesus?
A: Palm branches and their coats! Isn’t that wild?! 

ywam easter

Task: Find a branch which can help you remember that Jesus is King! 

Then, on the Thursday night we see that Jesus had a dinner with his 12 disciples. Did you know that this dinner is where we get communion or the Lord’s supper from? It was first just a part of an ordinary meal. 

What do we take when we take Communion and why? 
A: The bread which symbolises Christ’s body and the wine which is for His blood. Ordinary things which symbolise something extraordinary! 

ywam Easter

Task: Every time you have a meal, remember to thank Jesus for it and for His sacrifice for us!

Also on Thursday night, Jesus went with some of his disciples to pray in the garden.

Do you know what Jesus’s disciples did while he was praying? 

A: They went to sleep! Even they found it hard to pray without going to sleep… but that doesn’t mean we should pray. Jesus taught us how and we need to keep it up! 

ywam easter

Task: Every time you go to bed, remember that Jesus loves you!

On Good Friday, so many things happened… but the main event was that Jesus was crucified on a cross. 

Do you know why He had to die? 
A: To pay for our sins once and for all!! Isn’t that amazing? Jesus, the Son of God paying the price so we don’t have to! That is God’s amazing grace – God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.

Task: Every time you feel sad and lonely, remember that Jesus felt sad and lonely on the cross too. He knows what you are going through.

But, the cross was not the end of the story! After Jesus died, He was put in a tomb, and then amazingly, miraculously, incredibly, on Easter Sunday, He rose again!! 

What do we say on Easter Sunday when we greet each other? 
A: He is RISEN! The stone was rolled away and He is no longer in the grave. 

Task: Find a stone to remember that He is RISEN: He is no longer in the grave! 

When He rose again, He showed Himself to many people! He always showed love and grace towards them. 

Who were the first to find Him alive?

A:  Matthew tells us it was Mary Magdelene and “the other Mary”. It is so amazing that women would have been the first to be shown God’s glorious resurrection! 

Task: Remember to thank Jesus for all that He has done for you

Easter is such a good time of year to remember all that Jesus did for us. These are just some of the highlights out of Matthew. I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into six scenes from the Easter story! 

Click HERE for all the pictures for you to colour in one document. (You can also cut them out and try and match them to the right verses and put them in the right order.) 

Here is another great reminder of the whole week in one go: From Sunday to Sunday so much happens! You can click HERE to download this to colour. 

Happy Easter everyone! He is Risen Indeed!!

Belinda Chaplin

YWAM Bosnia Herzegovina

Our Central European convener has been working locally for many years with children and youth and has a passion for sharing theological truths in ways they will understand.