Community is about growing with others. We believe that living in community shapes us in a unique way. In a time where individuals are seeking their own comfort and putting themselves in the center of everything that is happening around them, we wanted to come up with an alternative. What better way to be shaped than by living in community. Why is community important? Because community saves us from the isolation and alienation we fear. 

We offer a program for university students that helps them know their identity and teaches the foundations of a biblical Christian worldview.  Our vision is to change mentalities by helping students understand their profession from a biblical perspective and their role in society, such as how they can have influence in their field.

This program includes living together in community, bi-weekly seminars, meals, movies with discussion, practical work, mentorship, and a 3 week outreach in a different culture.


Living in community means living within a multiplier of possibilities, which offers a person a huge variety of opportunities. Opportunities to get to know other people, to experience diversity, to make our own talents available and bring out the talents of others.

Becoming a community with others means being less selfish and being able to express generosity, empathy and above all, love for your neighbor.

Perfume is made with lots of work and refinery and in the same way, character can be shaped, but It also takes work, refinery and the need for others in the process. We need other people in our lives so that we can get to know ourselves better.


Living in community is not easy, but it’s sooo worth it. Here are some testimonies from students that have been in our program:


“The program for students that I attended with YWAM, helped me tremendously. It helped me identify my walls that I had to tear down. I learned a lot of things about myself and others and about God’s heart for us. I learned how to forgive and how to build healthy relationships. For me, YWAM has been a home and I felt loved and encouraged by the staff.”  (A – 22y old)

“From the moment I arrived at the YWAM base, I felt welcomed. Even though in the beginning it was not easy to live together with other people, I am grateful for all of it. This experience has taught me how to manage my finances better, how to confront my fears, and how to dare to change things. It has also improved my studies and I now understand my profession from a different angle. I also learned a lot about mission and God’s heart for the nations.” (O – 21y old)


-YWAM Iasi