I am one of those people who doesn’t have many dreams at night. I go to sleep and wake up a few hours later either feeling refreshed or more tired than when I went to bed. Or maybe I dream every night, but by the time I wake up, I have already forgotten them.

What is a dream, anyway? Here is one of the definitions I found: a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep. There are many theories as to why we dream, but I usually just treat it as a little movie or tv show in my head. Most of the dreams I remember are pretty humorous, or sometimes scary.

Many of us are familiar with the Bible and see that He used dreams to speak to His children, or sometimes provide a revelation. And sometimes those dreams needed interpreting. Well, I believe God was speaking to me through one of my dreams that I had recently. First, I would like to share what that dream was, and then I will share what I believe it means. I hope this will encourage you in your journey with the Lord, wherever you may be with Him.

It was a gorgeous day; blues skies, mild wind, and warm. Perfect sailing weather! As my crew and I set out to sail, we continued to motor out. We were running out of fuel and needed to turn the engine off. After all, why would we want to use the engine on such a perfect day for sailing? But for whatever reason, my crew and I were holding the sails back with all of our might! We were determined to not let them go. Finally, we couldn’t hold on any longer and released the main sail. Instead of being stuck in the middle of the sea, we started glided over the blue waters. It was “smooth sailing” after we let the wind and the sails do what they were meant to do.

So, what I felt that God was asking me to do was evaluate the things going on in my life. Am I holding on to things that I should have released a long time ago? Am I trying to control things in my life that I should release to the Lord? When we release our burdens, our lives, our ministries, or whatever into the hands of the Lord, things will sail a lot more smoothly. He is our captain, and we are the crew. I think we tend to get those things mixed up from time to time.

Just to summarize: when we try to be the captain of our own lives, things won’t be going at their full potential or how they were meant to be. We need to release the things holding us back, give those things to God, and we can live our lives more purposefully and in God’s will for us.

I pray that this has encouraged those who have read it!



Taylor Smith lives in Užice, Serbia, and works with YWAM there. She is originally from Texas and is instrumental to the work God is doing in Serbia. She has a big, honest, and open heart, that draws others to her quickly and makes them feel safe. Her vision is to reach women, particularly through anti-human trafficking and counseling ministries