I recently spent 3 months in Romania, working as a volunteer with YWAM Constanta. My main purpose for this trip was to work alongside the base, offering my expertise and knowledge with media and communication skills. A large part of this mission was to photograph the different ministries at the base. 

I really enjoyed going on walks around the neighborhood with my camera ready. I would venture out and photograph the things I saw along the way, capturing all the beauty around me. Whether I was in Constanta, or another part of Romania, I always tried my best to photograph as much as I could.

When I’m traveling, especially in new places, I love exploring and finding the beauty that is around me. We don’t always take the time to do that, or we sometimes get distracted or busy with life. But in taking a moment from time to time to explore just where we are, so much beauty can be discovered. 

I was grateful for the opportunity to travel out of Constanta while I was in Romania, and visit other wonderful areas of the country.

The photos that I decided to share with you are just a few of my favorites that I was able to capture while in Romania. For me, each of these photos tell a story. From where I was, to who I was with, to the architecture or nature around me, to each small detail. Whatever I am able to capture with my eyes, I always hope that it conveys a beautiful story for those who see the photos. As you look at some of the beauty of Romania, I hope that you not only see what I have seen, but that you can also see the beauty around you, wherever you may go.

Cory Plowman


My name is Cory Plowman and I’m from the US. I did my DTS in Madagascar in 1999, and I’ve been involved with missions since then. I’ve been doing photography for around 10 years now. Photography is a passion of mine as well as traveling and missions. To be able to bring these passions all together is such a blessing for me and brings me joy.