Every year during August, YWAM Medias leads the ProMission Festival. It’s a time for young people to be transformed and have an impact in the society, being trained and sent to many places in the world. Young people coming from all over Romania and other countries.

We want to motivate youth to be involved in missions. We want to know Him more and let Him model our lives. When we discover Him more, we can’t neglect His will but will be motivated to ACTION. That means to go out of your comfort zone, to give up your rights and obey God and serve others. ACTION means to listen God’s voice when He is calling you to go and tell the world about Him.

Being part of the ProMission Festival you will experience short term missions and the advantages of knowing a new country and a new culture and understand God’s heart for it. You also encourage the long’term missionaries in those locations, you can serve using your gifts during the holiday. You will leave miracles with God.

This year we were 70 youth who gave themselves and their time and holiday for God and the seven locations, in Romania, Jordan, Kenya, Rep. Moldova. We believe during this time God blessed us and blessed others. Some had unforgettable experiences with God during this time, others received a specific calling, others were confirmed their calling for long term missions. We were all blessed to live with Him.

ProMission Festival is happening during four weeks during august. First week is for meeting and training the teams. During that time, we have teaching, worship and intercession, team building and other activities, then the teams leave for outreach and serve in the place organised before. When they finish, we all come back together and meet everyone for the re-entry, sharing the experience we had and things we saw during the outreach and we take some time to be thankful to God for all He did.

Teo and Estera Ene,
ProMission coordinators.
YWAM Mediaș, Romania