Our coffee house in downtown Budapest that used to be called Rézkígyó has a new name: Selah! The process started during the first quarantine due to Covid when we had to close the coffee house and we had a lot of time to think.
“Rézkígyó” is Hungarian and means “bronze serpent.” It has a powerful meaning since it refers to Moses when he lifted up the bronze serpent so that people would be healed. Even though we love and cherish the meaning of the old name, we observed that this name is very difficult to pronounce for most people who are not Hungarian. Ever since we started operating as a business, we have had many tourists coming who have struggled to remember the name. More and more international students, free lancers and YWAM teams have been coming to our coffee house. We would like them to connect to the place emotionally, and once they can pronounce the name it might be easier. Selah appears in the Old Testament, mainly in the Psalms, and many theologians assume that it means “pause.” It might indicate a pause for contemplation.
The new logo displays both a quarter rest and a coffee mug with steam. Our goal is that our guests would find rest here from the busyness of the city, and ultimately peace in the presence of God. 
This has been a long, thorough, and very intentional process. We believe that there is more to come and more to offer. We are excited about expanding the vision and outreach of our beloved coffee house, which began in a very simple and very modest rented basement through a small group of crazy pioneers willing to take a risk and step out in faith!

Blessings Jenni

YWAM Budapest