We, as a church located in the heart of Serbia, are reaching out to cities in southern/western Serbia. Every week we visit several cities like Kruševac, Kraljevo, Čačak, Užice, and most recently, Novi Pazar. We evangelize and disciple on the streets or gather together in homes. We use the tools from the Disciple Making Movement (DMM). These are available through YWAM Frontier Missions. Another movement that works well with the DMM is called, “No Place Left”. Most of the time when we visit a city for the first time, we first try to find a person of peace and do a lot of praying/prayer walking. Some other things we do include sharing the gospel on the streets through the 3 Circles, doing the Commands of Christ through the stories of hope, and pray for people.

So, we as an outreach team from Kragujevac were really enjoying these activities during the week. But suddenly something happened: the spread of Covid-19 all over the world. We first hoped that it would not come to Serbia, but then we learned that a lot of Serbs were travelling from abroad (Italy, Germany, etc.) and introduced Covid-19 to Serbia. A lot of restrictions were introduced in our lives and ministry, and we could not go on the streets to share the gospel any longer. We could not even come together as a church. We were all very sad, disappointed, and frustrated. The work was slowly progressing until then, and suddenly everything stopped.  We started praying for what was next, and then we started the website www.isusmesia.rs. In the first weeks, we had an amazing response and we were gladly surprised. Wow, this was a bit overwhelming! A response team was quickly formed. At the beginning of the Corona crisis, all our communication was online. Soon, the first training was given through Zoom. The YWAM team from Užice was part of that, too. 

After a couple of months when some of the restrictions were partially lifted, we started to visit the people we had communicated with online.  We continue to build up the relationships and discipleship “life.”  Wow. What an amazing evangelistic tool!  As Satan tried to stop our mission work and use this COVID -19 for evil, God turned it into an opportunity to see the gospel shared through the web in an amazing way. The multiplication goes faster and beyond the region we were originally focused on. God is a miracle maker. If you would like to be involved in this, The Media2Movements – Going through kingdom training together, coaching, and ongoing collaboration, please visit the website: https://kingdom.training/course/the-mvp, and you can be added to the Media2Movement team.


You can visit the website:https://kingdom.training/course/the-mvp. You can be added to the Media2Movement team.
Chris Klop
Kragujevac Serbia