For about 11 months of 2019, I worked very hard to launch a DTS with the focus of forgotten Roma in the Balkans and Middle East, set to start on July 4, 2020. Unfortunately, we were not able to have it due to all the restrictions from Covid-19. But our great joy is that we managed to do two sessions of a “MINI DTS,” which brought us a lot of encouragement! 

We had a total of 32 students, 27 Roma youths, 2 girls of Bulgarian descent, and 3 boys of Turkish descent. We conducted two strong phases, for which I am grateful to God and to our staff.


Our goals were to give a taste of YWAM and help the students understand their purpose in God’s presence. We also sought to help motivate them and guide them toward their future. 

Today, the young Roma generation has lost all hope and motivation for development due to the poverty and misery in which they find themselves. Many young Roma in the Balkans are thinking about which country to move to as soon as they finish high school. And all this is  because of the battle for survival.

Most of the young people in the Mini DTS came from very poor and broken families. I had not encountered so much pain and inner suffering for a long time. 

In both phases, there were so many tears and pain in the hearts of the young people. It was encouraging that everyone saw and realized the meaning of following God because of the strong presence of God that was poured out on all of us. For the first time, all the young people participated with great passion in intercession and prayer for the  countries of Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Kosovo. I was surprised to see how many of them showed the kindling of desire to go to these countries to share the Gospel with the Roma.

For YWAM Bulgaria

Radko Ivanov Kratsov

Radko is married to Nevin, and together they have two wonderful girls, Siana and Debora. They live and work in Sliven, Bulgaria.
Radko did his DTS in 1996 in Chepelare, Bulgaria. His main focus is leadership training within the Roma community. He is part of the leadership team of YWAM Bulgaria and a part of the ACT in Europe.