So the question is, do YWAMers have a LIFE?

Apparently not, judging by the content of many newsletters that we as YWAMers write. Often all we talk about is our WORK.

Why am I shy to admit in writing, that we had a relaxing holiday? Am I inhibited by the fear of possibly losing my support?

Or are the needs around me so pressing and I have never learned to say no? Maybe I get my self-worth out of my ministry and and it slowly has become my identity?

The speed of our lives is incredibly fast. We wear our busyness like a badge of honour.  The result is often a restless, shallowness leading down a path to exhaustion…

We don’t take time to stop and smell the roses. (Actually, when was the last time you did just that?)

Personally I have found it helpful to sometimes totally disengage from all ministry activity for a day or 2 and spend time alone with God. For this to work well I leave my family behind and retreat in my sister’s garden shed.


It takes time and solitude to come down from our ministry adrenaline.

We desperately need to meet God to calibrate our compasses again. To reconnect with Him, to become aware again of being the beloved of our daddy in heaven.

As YWAMers our need is to continually KNOW God in order to MAKE HIM KNOWN effectively.

My temptation is to substitute an educated guess about what I am supposed to do for really connecting and hearing from him. It is so much quicker this way! And then I wonder why I am driven by every need around me. Maybe you are more the extroverted achiever type and the idea of being on your own with God for a longer period is a really frightening one.

Actually, nearly every time I am ready to leave for one of my away days with God, there is this strange reluctance and fear.   What will I do if He doesn t show up? Well, so far He always has…

My wife always encourages me to go.   She says:  “You are far less grumpy when you return…”

So shut down whatever electronic device you are working with right now, head out the door for a stroll in nature, enjoy the spring sunshine, and have a chat with your heavenly daddy as you walk.


And don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!

Till next time,

Hannes Steets

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