Training Young leaders, equipping and helping them to discover their potential and gifts as well as building a Godly character in them is my heart’s passion. I became a church pastor at the age of 21 and knowing all the trials I have gone through helps me to understand the need for discipleship and support among the young people in order to emerge as leaders. 

The first thing that comes to mind when I am invited to teach or preach is that what I am going to share has to bring a challenge and encourage growth in God’s Word and being like Jesus in the character of the ones who will hear the teaching.  Leadership is the most natural topic that comes from my heart.  This is because of the gifts and call God has placed in my heart, because of my experience as a church pastor, Leader of YWAM Albania as well as my business experience.  

My teaching’s main focus is speaking about the leader’s character and the challenges he goes through in order to become the leader that God wants him to be. 
Some of the topics I cover throughout the teaching week are: “What does mean to be a leader?”, “The personality attributes of a leader” “The principles of a good leadership”, “Leader’s responsibilities”, “ Types of Leadership”, “The price and the risks a leader’s life goes through”, “The trials a leader goes through and conflict resolution”. 

While I teach, together with students, we observe the life of leaders from the Bible’s characters, in order to understand the phases they have gone through and how did they grew as leaders. I assign students to watch a specific movie which describes very clearly the difference between a good and bad leadership style and at the end we see these clearly through discussion. There are many leaders in the world, but not all of them practice the right Godly leadership style, so we need to be careful whose example we follow. I like to have an interactive teaching by asking questions and give time for comments from students. 

One of the challenges I give to students is “If God calls you to serve as leader, say yes to Him despite the hindrances or weaknesses you see.  The world today needs visionary leaders “crazy for God” who believe in big dreams and work to fulfill them.”  
-Alket Sako
YWAM Albania

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