In the middle of November we were privileged to host the  LTS Europe (Leadership Training School). The school has been designed to have several modules where we meet together approximately every 3 months. As YWAM is in the early pioneering stage, for us it has been a great joy and privilege to have a whole school here. Many amazing leaders and students came from all over Europe. Many YWAMers came and visited Slovenia for the first time and for many it was their first exposure to a pioneering project like ours. As YWAM in Slovenia, we feel a great blessing and are honored to be supported by school and leadership.

During lectures we received amazing teaching on pioneering, on the Catholic world from Johannes Fichtenbauer, on the topic of missions in Europe from Jeff Fountain, on evangelism from Sarah Bruel alongside many other valuable talks that helped us learn and develop our leadership skills.

For me as a student and also as a host it was very special to have the school in my home country and host it also in the area of Central Europe. Receiving inputs from so many experienced leaders is so helpful as we continue to develop, and to see how many people stand with us in the pioneering effort here is so encouraging. One of the highlights for me was worship and prayer times where we prayed for the Slovene nation and sought God corporately for this country. I am humbled that we were able to share about how God has been developing the story of YWAM in this nation and how He shows up when you say “yes” to Him. Simple obedience truly changes history. It was a blessing indeed to have the opportunity to seek God with the LTS for this place and nation and invite the LTS into the story that God is writing in Slovenia and also already see some of His promises coming to truth. 

Andreja Klinc