Traveling with teenagers is a lot of fun. It is definitely not boring, nor quiet :). But I love serving next to them. They are bold, fearless, untired. They can go extra miles. When Jesus is in charge, they are arrows that won’t break easily. 

King’s Kids ministry inspired me (since I was a teen) to believe in the potential of kids and youth, to search for unique gifts, to believe that together with these BIG humans we can change the world for Jesus.

That’s why, this challenging summer, I decided to take a few of them to go inspire and bless the beautiful city and base in Constanta, Romania. 

We had two weeks of outreach, worked hard, and loved hard.

One day when we joined the Community Transformation project, we met a Muslim family in a poor neighborhood that were willing to change their life for the better in any way possible. They are living in extreme conditions, living in a very small space, and caring for a disabled son. We were able to work together with them to clean the yard in front of their block apartment and were able to call them friends by the end of the day. It was hard work, but they were so incredibly positive and encouraging, and never failed to show gratitude to this bunch of young people coming from God knows where, working for free in their courtyard. We shared God’s love and hope and prayed for them. We left them with our hearts full.

We split into groups, and while some of us helped practically, others went on family visits. There were amazing testimonies of people hearing about God and being able to pray and bless them in different ways. 

Another amazing opportunity for us was to be part of the Summer Night Life program. Going out on the seafront in the evenings, sharing the Gospel with the people coming on holiday, being able to pray for them right there on the street, and seeing God move in such a tangible way was incredible. The teenagers were very excited to interact and pray with different people. 

The base staff had a baptism scheduled by the sea with a lady from the community, and two of our teenagers decided to get baptised. It was an amazing moment for them, and for me as a spiritual mother, to reap the fruit that has been nourished for years. God truly revealed himself to us in amazing ways!

We met families in need and were able to bless them a little. God revealed His heart for the lost, and the youngest on our team discovered that they could share God’s love so easily for the first time, and they can do it anytime, anywhere. 

We had amazing conversations with the teens about life and choices. We heard God speaking and we were changed forever. 

Connecting with the long-term YWAM missionaries was a great joy!  And by God’s favor, we were happy to bring the kids back to their families, virus-free and richer in faith! I am so thankful for this adventure in my home country, and I praise God for the team that is reaching out to the least, the lost, and the last.

Mihaela Kuhnert in Medias, Romania.