Hey guys! I am Tony and this is my wife Ionela. Together we are working with Kings Kids Romania here in Constanta. I would like to encourage you today, whether you are a youth leader or a young person. My wife and I have worked for many years with teenagers and young people and we have seen a big lack of good leadership in their lives. This is a huge opportunity for us as leaders, who have a relationship with God, to invest in teenagers and be good role models for them. They are searching for examples and I think we should rise up and be there for this new generation.  

Many of them struggle with their faith. I think we as Christian leaders and good role models need to encourage them to find an authentic faith, searching out who God is by reading the Bible. They find Jesus through experience and my wife and I have spent the last years of our lives offering them a platform where they can meet God and experience God. We have done this by doing short missions trips in other parts of Romania and even other countries. We train them during the year by having youth group and having Bible study to help them go deeper in their relationship with God. 

We wanted to encourage you to open your eyes and see the young people who are around you and to start to invest in them. This is the best if you want to see a generation changed. We believe that in times like this we need to reflect on our lives, check our hearts, and our attitudes. We need to be asking God what He wants from us. We have been praying and we believe it is a time of repentance in our hearts and in our spirits. It is a time to be searching for God.  What is coming is bigger than we expect and people are becoming more open to the Gospel. Young people are becoming more open to hear from God.  We as leaders need to be ready to give more from God and to give less from ourselves. God is doing amazing things through all of us and we are looking forward to see what God has for this generation. He has so much love, so much compassion and wants so more from all of us.


Tony and Ionela

King’s Kids România Constanta