This past week we went to visit a family who lives in a village near Craiova. This family is special to us because it is one of the families who we helped build a home for. The father of the house has had a strong headache for the past 2 months. He went to the doctor and was given strong antibiotics and other pills that were also very strong, but nothing helped him, so he ended up in an emergency where they sent him home. 

We went to his house and prayed for him, and proclaimed God’s healing over him. We sang and we told him and his family about how Jesus healed people. 

In the end, the man asked, “How can I have more faith?” 

Jesus still Heals

We plan to visit them more often and tell them more about Jesus. 

Today, four days after our visit, the man told us that he has had NO PAIN, he could sleep, rest, and work, and he believes it is because of the prayers!

Jesus still heals! Hallelujah! 

YWAM Craiova