From the 18-21st of March, we organised an event called “It’s time for Slovenia” in Ljubljana: a mini-gathering of people from all over YWAM Europe interested in starting something in this nation. There were 22 adults (and 7 kids) from 12 different nations who came together to see how we could start something in YWAM in Slovenia. It was 2 days of praying for the nation and the people who are already working there in different organisations and also trying to see what and how we can work there in the future.

The team who was organising the event came together because everyone around about the same time were feeling God telling them “It is time for Slovenia”. it was such a privilege to work together with people from YWAM Grimerud in Norway, YWAM Amsterdam in Holland, and Andreja, the only known Slovenian YWAMer… Here we are: Andreas and Geir Edvin from Norway, Andreja, me, and Reinier from Holland. 

There was a media team from YWAM Amsterdam who came specifically to make videos to promote the idea of YWAM in Slovenia. Here is one of their videos:

While we were organising the event, we discovered by accident that our former European Director, Jeff Fountain, “just happened” to be there at the same time to promote his book about Europe’s Christian roots, which had been translated into Slovenian. So, as part of the gathering, we held a special event called “Hope for Slovenia. Hope for Europe” with him as the main speaker, with local people attending as well.
Throughout the event, we clearly saw that it is time for Slovenia!!
Belinda Chaplin