The Central European DTS Coordinators, Chris and Mirjam Klop, are excited to announce the formation of the first ever Central European DTS Resource Team. The DTS resource team is “a group of experienced disciplers who carry the heart and values of DTS, imparting and influencing relationally to see quality DTSs strengthened and multiplied in Central Europe.”

The resource team will serve practically in the region in areas like DTS staff training, outreach prep, teaching in DTSs, hosting gatherings for DTS leaders, and organizing training events to strengthen DTS in our region. They will provide a great resource for individuals and bases who have a heart for DTS.

Mirjam and Chris have prayed and hoped for a resource team for Central Europe for many years and are delighted that God has brought a team together this year! Most of the team met in July in Budapest for a great time of prayer, team building, and strategizing about how to best serve Central Europe.

DSC_0763 (1)

The Central European DTS Resource Team: Chris and Mirjam Klop, Jarod and Bexi Graham, Vane and Edyta Arsov, Yohanan and Rachel Rempt, and (not pictured) Helga Nurnberger and Steve Rudd