Recently an outreach team, Team Crovenia visited Croatia and Slovenia. We want to share with you our great experience during a pilgrimage/faith trip in Ljubljana. For 3 days we were, like Jesus’ disciples, sent out into the city without food, money or a place to sleep. Our purpose was of course reaching people with the gospel during these days. In this time we saw God’s faithfulness in providing for all of our needs and keeping His promises to us. 

Faith trip

On our first day, we had a long conversation with two boys and in this conversation we shared with them personal testimonies about God’s love for them. Testimonies of being stuck in life and addictions and how coming to God, crying out to him, made way for Him to work and deliver from addictions. Amazingly one of them offered to call a church so that we would have somewhere to sleep.  So through him God directly provided.

During the trip God also kept providing through people we met earlier in church and on the streets. Most of these meetings were also good for them, because we could share more principles of our faith like listening to God’s voice and living evangelistically. 


On the first day we received so much food that we could share with the homeless people on the streets and even had enough for breakfast the next morning. It is powerful and faith building to see how God provides when we walk in his commands and promises.

YWAM Heidebeek, William

Some words from me, Andreja Klinc

It was such a joy to host an outreach team in Slovenia after the pandemic. Maybe some things were still closed or limited due to covid, but God is not limited. In having this team here for such a time, I saw and learned of how people are open and hungry for Jesus and also personal relationship with Him. Together with a team, we were able to visit different local churches, share about Jesus at an open place next to a primary school & kids playground outside of the capitol. I was undone when I heard that a student from this team had an amazing conversation with a random person in a public bathroom in the restaurant. 


I have definitely seen God moving, providing and opening doors during the team’s stay and through them. Many locals were blessed, encouraged and touched and for that I am grateful. For that I rejoice. God is definitely on the move here in Slovenia.

I can tell it is very evident that it is time for Slovenia.