In the wonderful world of finances we often find ourselves scratching our heads in and out of season trying to find answers to why our financial lives tend to have so many ups and downs.   The more stories I hear, the more I notice one thing missing, peace.

Finances tends to be the one thing we as Christ followers wish would just take care of itself. It tends to be the elephant in the room or the red headed step child of the Christian community. I believe that comes out of a place of many of us chasing freedom from the burden of finance rather than peace within operating in a healthy biblical way when it comes to finances.

This is not a step by step instructional program on how to operate financially rather a look into the word on how extreme seasons are financially and how to find peace within all seasons as God is working out his good and perfect plan for our lives. There are, however, a few given principles about finances that the word lays out pretty clearly.

Ultimately the goal of our lives financially should be that we never allow our hearts to submit to having finances Lord over us, but that our financial lives would be an expression of what happens when our Lord reigns in our lives.

Kip Copeland
-YWAM Sarajevo