faith and conflict

As many of you know, since I took on the role of the leader of YWAM Central Europe, I have talked about the fact that I believe God is going to use us as a mission in this region in a significant way when it comes to reconciliation.  I have never pushed to find out what needs to happen to set something up, as I have always felt that when it is time, God will make the steps clear. There have been different initiatives from different YWAMers and there are some groups also working in this area too, so things are not static, but I have felt there will be a specific door that God will open regarding what we should do.

At the end of this month I, along with three others from our region, will attend a seminar called “Faith and Conflict”, hosted by YWAM Ireland.  I am suddenly very excited that God is opening up something to us and the doorway is this seminar.  Jonny Clark, YWAM Ireland’s leader, has put on many things before in a similar vein in Ireland, but I have never been able to attend.  I sense that as the 4 of us from CE pray and seek God about our region that something of what is on God’s heart will start to come into being and be birth at the Faith & Conflict seminar.

Please pray for this seminar and for what comes out of it. If you are interested in coming along, it is not too late to register at

Is it time for YWAM in CE to take some significant steps towards its role and destiny in regional reconciliation?

-Carmelita Clarke