A Step of faith! From Canada to Albania for DTS

Hello, my name is Keziah Loewen. I am 18 years old and I am from Canada. Coming to do DTS with YWAM Durres, Albania was a step of faith. Leaving my family was scary and difficult. A part of me didn’t know if I was going to see them again. I could have gotten stuck in the airport, and even now I’m nervous that my flights will be canceled for my return just because we are living in uncertain times. God has given me His perfect peace; I can’t even describe it. I was putting my trust in the natural and not in God. There was a teacher that said, “If God sends you, He will protect you.” That is a powerful statement! I do believe that I’m supposed to be here, so I am trusting God. He has already shown me a lot. He is still moving and working in these times. DTS during Covid might not happen the way you expected but I encourage you to keep your eyes on Jesus and He will do the impossible. God knows what’s best, so trust in Him. Don’t put your thoughts in fears and the what if’s. God has you 🙂


Nothing stops God’s plan, from Switzerland to Albania for DTS

Hello, I am Raquel. I am 26 years old and I am from Switzerland.
Before going to Albania, my plan was to do my DTS in New Zealand. But because of Covid, the borders were closed and the DTS was canceled. My desire to devote this time to God was so deep and strong that I looked for another destination in Europe. It’s unexpected, but here I am doing DTS with YWAM Durres in Albania.
What have I learned during this time? That nothing stops God’s plan. When we put our trust in Him and believe in God, anything is possible.
In each of the stages, and even in the uncertainties, God showered me with a peace, love, and assurance that I have never felt before.
One thing is for sure, nothing is stopping God from taking action, not even a global pandemic.
Trust that God’s plans are good and perfect.
Be blessed.

He is faithful! From Germany to Albania for DTS

Hi. My name is Benedict. I am 26 years old and I come from Germany.
Before I came to do my DTS here in YWAM Durres, I was skeptical, at first, that it might not actually happen (because of the pandemic).
So I’m very glad and thankful, first, to the LORD that He’s made all this possible.
DTS so far has been really challenging. Because I come from a different cultural background, it took time for me to get used to the people’s lifestyle, but also the way they interact with each other.
They’re very hospitable. Because of the pandemic, it was really hard for me in Germany because we weren’t allowed to meet friends. And all the restaurants & coffee shops were closed as well.  But living on our base here in Durres has been really eye-opening.
Seeing all these young people – with the same goal in mind, to know God more – has been a really great experience.
Through all of this, God has shown me that He is faithful. Even though we might feel lonely at times or when it feels like all the doors are locked, God still finds a way to open them.
He finds ways to connect people from all over the world, like our DTS – people from Germany, Switzerland, Canada, America, and Albania – just so that he can prove Himself to us and show us that He’s our Good Father.
Just so that He can pour out His never-ending, unconditional love upon us.
Whatever situation you’re going through right now, I really want to encourage you to seek God with all of your heart. Seek after Him and find out that He’s faithful to show Himself. To prove Himself daily to you. Because you are His sons and daughters.
You are His beloved.


YWAM Durres, Albania

Our passion is to be a lighthouse, to draw people towards God’s heart, to be a safe harbor for people to be restored, equipped, trained and released to reach the lost, to transform cities and nations.

We are an international team of crazy people passionate about God, daring to be limitless in God’s plans for Albania and the Balkans. We love the family spirit of community life, which helps us to encourage each other, laugh together, be vulnerable with one another, and embrace others into our family dynamic.

Through submission and surrender to God, we seek to model the lifestyle of dwelling in the LORD’s courtyard, preparing a highway for people to be connected with His heart, and raising a banner for the nations to find their way back to God.
Discipleship, training, reconciliation, and pioneering in the young generations are at the very heart of YWAM Durres.

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