Before the DTS even started, in early January, we felt God saying this DTS will be different. This was the word He gave, “Be prepared to be flexible, to be interrupted, and fully surrender to me so you are able to flow with my Spirit.” Do your agenda and prepare your schedule, but be willing and open for me to interrupt and bring in my agenda. We received Isaiah 61:1-3, as the identity of DTS and Isaiah 18:4 “the potter formed it into another pot, shaping it as seemed best to him”. Also build up your expectations for God’s work in the DTS.

As the DTS began, we could see how God fulfilled His word and all what He had revealed to us before the DTS was so helpful when we had to face the lock down of Albania, changing the teaching weeks order and even some of the speakers, arranging zoom teachings, and cancelling the outreach.  We experienced God in a deeper way and He brought peace and strength to our hearts to go on by saying “There isn’t any place, any circumstance and time frame that I haven’t stepped in before you, “I am the God of all the universe that created all the galaxies and knows them all by name, but still I have called you by name and I know your name.”

It was a blessing to see the transformation take place in the lives of students. They came burnt out, no hope and even no desire for the future, but ended up full of life, embracing their identities, recognizing their potential, and able to dream again. And even fight for their dreams.

We had great times of worship, deep intercession and fasting, evangelism, serving in a public school and an orphanage, prayer walks, delivering food to poor families, Bible reading and teaching as well as gardening, cleaning, playing and having fun, celebrating one another and God among us. We could boldly say at the end of this DTS all of us as staff and students were reshaped pots, as it seemed best to our lovely Potter, our God. 

-Alma Sako YWAM Durres