Hello everyone!
We sit with good friends around a table with delicious food – we enjoy the food and one another’s company and stories. Isn’t this a refreshing scenario that we all know and love? As we hear other’s stories and share ours we connect with one another, our friendships grow, we inspire and encourage one another, grieve and laugh together. What a wonderful and powerful gift God gave us with fellowship and communication!
As the Communication circle for YWAM CE we are committed to help to build a culture of vibrant, timely, relevant and life-giving communication both inside and outside our CE region. Some aspects of this are:

  •  keeping our YWAM CE website current
  •  sending out the CE Newsletter two to three times a year
  •  feeding our Blog, Twitter and Facebook page (with your contributions!)
  •  administrating the CE email list so that every staff in our region receives the ongoing information relevant to our region (e.g. about staff conferences, training possibilities, information from the Core Circle etc.)
  • keeping a mailing list for our newsletter of people interested in what is going on in the region
Communication is vibrant and dynamic – the more people who participate and contribute, the more life will flow. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to share your stories, input and information – they matter! Nothing is too small or insignificant to be communicated. We love to hear from one another and see our region being connected more and more through mutual communication. Come and join our YWAM CE table fellowship!
For more information please see our CE webpage: ywamce.com

CE Communication Circle contact information: ywamcenewsletter@gmail.com