YWAM Central Europe presents an original series entitled, Coffee with an Elder. You’re invited to join our hosts as they engage a specific CE Elder in an informative chat.

We have several Legacy Elder who truly are legendary. Spend a few minutes with them, and hear their stories. Learn about their journey of serving the Lord, serving in YWAM, and now serving as Legacy Elders in our Central European region. Each Elder brings their unique experiences, offering their own flavorful blend to the region. As you familiarize yourself with the Elders story may you be encouraged on your own journey of serving, and use them as a resource along the way.

So grab your cup of coffee (or tea) … and get ready ready to be inspired!


Coffee with Al Akimoff

Al Akimoff

I started in YWAM as teenagers in 1964. I currently lead YWAM Slavic Ministries in Salem, Oregon. We still spend around half the year on the road, mostly in Eastern and Central Europe.

How are you connected with YWAM CE?
In 1973 we started YWAM Slavic Ministries as a ministry to reach out to that part of the world in discipleship and evangelism. Doors quickly opened all over Central Europe, particularly Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Yugoslavia. We trained teams and sent them out of our base in Austria.

What is on your heart for YWAM CE?
We continue to have a heart for Central Europe and particularly seeing new bases and ministries raised up. Our hearts are into apostolic pioneering and we want to see more training and releasing in that area.

What would you like to offer to our region?
We hope that our years of experience, relationships and love for these countries can be translated into encouragement, help and training for a whole new generation to be released all over Central Europe.