KIDS 🙂 Life without them would be really boring. They’re always running, saying funny things, jumping, speaking straight forward what they see, expressing themselves in a totally different way than we adults do … Yet when we adults are trying to focus on “really important” things very often for us children can be an interruption due to their high level of energy and short attention span. Therefore very often we set up a separate special program for our kids so that we can focus in peace on some topics we believe only we can understand or may only be appropriate for adults. At times this is necessary yet often it is done simply out of comfort (for us or our children) or habit. It is true that it’s a challenge to succeed in living the kingdom of God together. But still there is the question, how do our kids learn the most? Is it not the discipleship model we’ve learned in YWAM of “hear, see, and do?”

As King’s Kids Poland leaders we were really excited what God was doing in the CESG among us. He was clearly speaking and moving among us in a powerful way that was connecting us as a region. During one of the sessions we looked at each other with the same thought, “We are missing our kids in what God is doing among us! They also are part of our region and they need to be with us!” So the day when our friends from YWAM Croatia shared about their vision to purchase a boat, we knew that all kids should also be involved in what GOD is doing and feel included to learn and grow their own faith to see how God is Great for it is their inheritance also!

We were sure that God desired us to walk together in this boat process. God touched the KKI leaders from Romania as well and together we decided to meet with the DTS group leading the children’s sessions and share our heart with them to invite the kids to be partners and trust the Lord that He will as well speak to them! 

So there we were, a group of kids, adults, and our Heavenly Father getting to know each other first, then quieting our hearts in order to talk about the story of the boat. We all sat down before God and asked Him what do You want to tell us? How can we encourage this Croatian team and how can we bless those who trust You, God? It was one of the exciting and wonderful moments to listen to God in a multigenerational circle and see how the younger generation was so excited to head out on a adventure with Him. 

We were so encouraged to see how kids are open and were willing to share what God gave them about the boat! The next day we all gathered on the stage and worshiped God then shared a few things He showed us all. We are so happy that our little ones were part of the YWAM family and were able to share what God told them. The most touching part was when their hearts were blessing the boat crew and you could feel simple, truthful prayers coming from the bottom of their heart to bless and to proclaim “I’m a missionary too” . 

This experience confirmed to us and I hope to others that our kids are ready to be a part of something bigger than only the kids’ program, (which is also necessary), but they are called to be the young Samuels, Esthers, Josiahs, and Marys of our time.  

We are so thankful, that we could be a part of this little puzzle in this big picture and learn together with our little brothers and sisters in Jesus. 

Greg and Erin Skrobarczyk
Kings Kids, YWAM Poland

Praying for the YWAM Croatia team and their new boat