We often believe leadership is just a position that brings benefits but doesn’t require a lot of risk and effort, that we are promoted to a better position and that is all our merit. 

Well, this is very wrong! 


Being a Leader

Being a leader requires hard work, a lot of sacrifices, sleepless nights, continuous warfare, pursuing a vision, as well as continuous alignment with God’s will. 

As if leading people isn’t enough work, you actually have to lead yourself first, and continue to learn and grow. If we look at the great leaders of the world, we see there is not much spare time in their schedules.  They continue training and growing, they become better people first, then they become better governors.

On the other hand, we have all experienced bad leadership in our lives. We might have seen good and healthy leadership transitions, but I’m sure most of us had experienced bad leadership changes, where we’ve witnessed people being robbed of their authority or pushed aside, or who have fallen  too deep in sin because they covered weaknesses and sins for  too long. We might have been some of those leaders, and we might feel so hurt that we don’t want to ever return to positions of influence.

But God gives us hope. He continues to choose humans to lead humans. If we look in the Bible at the great leaders established by God we see so many weaknesses. Moses had weaknesses, but he didn’t give in to his limitations, he pushed through. He had ups and downs, but God used him so powerfully and he made history. 

The B2B course provides a taste of principles that make a good leader. It’s designed for those who have a desire to grow as a leader in order to equip others. You’ll learn how to be a better leader, and how to lead transparently and honestly, and make history with God.

B2B is a course in which I felt challenged to analyse myself, to receive fresh revelations from God, and to listen to what God has for me. I was also glad to see how the Lord leads me and I discovered my specific calling for the next period.” Laura, B2B in Medias, Romania 

“This course helped me discover my strengths as a leader and areas in which I still have to grow. I saw how important it is to have a mentor and to be teachable. I was encouraged to pass on what I know and to invest in others.” Pavel

“This course offered me an oasis of evaluation and intense growth in several areas. I recommend this course to all those who want to be better leaders.” Mihail Bogdan

Miha Kuhnert in YWAM Medias, Romania.