This year been challenging for all of us, as well as affected our ministry, mostly through relationships. In May, we decided to cancel our Family Camp. We were concerned that we would possibly have to cancel our missions to Croatia, Slovenia, and Albania. It was only a matter of time that we had to resign to go to these countries.
As King’s Kids Poland Staff, we started to connect like everyone else via Zoom and we quickly noticed that after 4 months of not seeing each other, we were really hungry to share our lives with each other again.
The summer didn’t seem to be the same and we were ready to announce that our Youth KK Camp would be canceled as well.

Our discipleship messenger group were HOT SPOT with their questions, prayer requests, and testimonies, so we came to the Lord again to ask HIM what is in His heart for us here in Poland.
After almost two weeks of waiting for the Lord, we felt peace toward a mini camp for our youth.

We sent information to all our youth and parents and they were ready to come! 99% of the youth were ready! In the meantime, I was visiting our network groups around Poland and spent some time connecting heart to heart and listening to their desires.

So, we were ready, but the week before, we had some doubts and almost canceled the camp for many reasons. Uncertainty, lack of money, fear, etc.… So, we started to pray again and had a tough staff meeting where we put everything before our Heavenly Father, and He gave us peace again!

We knew that the main reason for the camp and the title of the camp should be to lift up and strengthen our teens and youth, therefore, we called it “Identity,” based on
Job 33:4, – “The Spirit of God has made me, the breath of the Almighty gives me life” – to prepare us for the uncertain months ahead of us.

This camp actually took place at the Catholic Monastery in Zdunska Wola, and over 40 people arrived from different cities and villages from all around Poland.

We had amazing time with God praying, encouraging, listening to God, and finding who we are in Christ! It was such amazing time, BUT different than usual, where we Go to the World! But guys, it was worth it to LOOK where we are in relationship with GOD!

We noticed that we are usually so concerned with OURSELVES that we start things from us but there is a story before, there are people who walked before us, and actually, we are a small part, but important part, of God’s story. Therefore, we had our older generation with us, like John and Helen Hess who serve us amazingly. We also returned to our King’s Kids story and we noticed that we never honored and said, “Thank you” to those who walked before us. It was so obvious that we should have invited them to come to serve with us and be served. Bogdan and Agnieszka Perenc drove almost 400 km to be with us! Such an amazing time to honor those who walked before us, to pray with them, get to know them better, and listen to their stories and start new relationships.

In the meantime, God blessed us financially and some of the kids who were not able to come (some of them even worked and were selling stuff) could come! God is good!

After 4 days of boot camp, we went to the north of Poland to the city of Gdansk, where we were able to live in the brand-new Christian school for FREE! Better yet, the fridge was full of food for us! Our budget was very tight, but He cared for everything we needed!

It was such a different outreach than what we normally do, but a lot of people were touched by seeing us and how we act, how we talk, how we worship God, and how we live as community!

The principle of the school sent her kids to join us for days 3 and 5, and it was such a revelation for them and what it means to live with God and listen to HIM.

We served the school by cleaning the huge yards from leaves and old branches, even in the rain .. the man who was responsible for this type of work came to us at the very end and said that he was so touched and invited us back for next year.

When brave youth on our team were cleaning in the rain, the other part of the team was praying and listening to God how to encourage the teachers. We received 47 names, and naturally, began to pray and make beautiful cards for them.

The day we left, we had to wake up at 6:30 in the morning to be ready to meet with the teachers. It was challenging for some of us, but God gave us so much JOY! Especially because the day before, we were on the beach and had a vision for the school, which was not really nice, but there was hope.
The ships on the sea were standing on one line, but between them there were not connections.
We started to worship, share testimonies, and naturally, we felt the Holy Spirit come and start touching hearts. It was such an amazing moment with tears, sobbing, and joy, which lasted for a period of time …
Some of the teachers came and told us that the vision is so true and were thankful for sharing that with them. God was moving so strong that they were not able to start their planned daily routine because after reading the cards, God started to touch their hearts and were bringing them to a time of deep reflection. On the way back home, we heard that some of the teachers found our kids on Facebook and sent them private messages with thankfulness.
God also touched the heart of the principle, and she was sharing her heart to a few of us about her struggles so we could pray for her and encourage her again.

It looks like we started something new in Gdansk: a new discipleship process for a network group ( I’ve been praying about this city for 4 years ).

God did amazing things among us, touching our lives, healing our souls, as well as helping us to get through these hard times. Nobody got COVID-19, God really protected us, and we learned how to be a family and depend on HIM.