This is the third year that during July 15 – August 15th we ran the evangelistic project “Reaching the Balkans, A Bible for every tourist”.  Over one month, we hosted more than 130 wonderful people from 10 teams. We gave out 6500 Bibles (new testaments) and brochures. We shared the gospel with hundreds of people in creative ways through songs, dancing, games, facepainting, balloon shaping saw several salvations and healings taking place. 
Besides this, we also Served in four prisons, prayed for sick children in public hospital, helped a local church to run the children camp. We also had the privilege to serve in four local churches through preaching, leading Bible studies, sharing testimonies, praying for people, skits and dancing, leading an elderly people meeting and the women meeting, organizing cultural evenings, collecting garbage, doing prayer walks intercessions and out loud Bible reading, corporate worship times and prophetic workshops. 

For the first time had the partnership of six Albanian local churches, in evangelism. Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support! Enjoy some moments from the ministry times.  In three years we have given out 23500 Bibles (new testaments and brochures)
-YWAM Durre, Albania