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YWAM Central Europe values communication. It’s an area we are constantly seeking to develop and improve in, to ensure that all the amazing things God is doing are shared widely and to ensure up to date information is available for all staff. We are active on different social media platforms, and on our website. 

How to Write an Article for the Blog

We value your story, share it with us! We suggest you write about 800 words to a title. Articles are well written if they have one or two paragraph headings. If a YWAM ministry or location is referred to, it’s great if there is a link to that location. We need a few pictures, or if you would like, we can do video as well. If there is a video with longer content we can reduce the wording in the article. We also love to have a bio of the person writing the article of about 4 lines sharing who you are and what you do.


Social Media 

We love to have stories on our social media feeds. Please make sure we know what is going on at your ministry and location so we can share!

Good content for our social media feed in YWAM is sharing updates in your ministry location, about upcoming events, upcoming schools or trainings, or testimonies of how God is working in your life and ministry.

Webpage and Blog

We on the web and blog team are happy for all feedback. If you would like to help or have some good ideas, let us know.

The blog is where we share our stories with the world.

Want to help blog or with the website? Make contact with us at blog@ywamce.com

Social Media

We are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Join our social media team or help us share our stories. Please get in touch with us at socialmeida@ywamce.com.




 We send a monthly newsletter with updates from different locations, words from elders, and upcoming events.

If you would like to be involved in helping create these newsletters, please email newsletter@ywamce.com.



Information for our ACT about our  area will be here.. 


Go to one of our many resources that are available for you. 

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Member Care Circle: membercare@ywamce.com  

For general questions, please send an email to inquiry@ywamce.com.



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