What an incredible day. We were out with some YWAMers and Tred who presented a great performance and shared the Gospel. Some great things happened. I was asked by one YWAMer to help him translate. In a matter of a few minutes we prayed for two people. One big guy who had a lower stomach pain and an older man whose back was hurting. 

We shared about Jesus and how He wants to show himself to them today. We prayed for them and they both received healing immediately! You should have seen their faces when they realised the pain was completely gone… They asked “who are you guys and how do you do these things?” We shared with them and one accepted Christ right there. 

I can not believe how this does not surprise me anymore… It’s completely normal and I see it all the time. God is moving…And I am so humbled that He is allowing me to partner with Him in sharing His love at the streets…

by Timos Christoforidis